Fuel Tech’s 20 Gallon Sump Recovery Unit eases the process of daily tank and filter sumping and will pay for itself in a few months. Operating an Aviation fuel system requires that about 5 gallons of fuel be “sumped” from the tank and the fuel filter vessel daily into a bucket for examination. With a sump fuel recovery unit the good fuel can be recovered and returned to storage instead of the old way of putting it in drums and paying a Haz Waste company to haul it off site. If fuel is costing you $5.00 a gallon the Sump Recovery unit pays for itself 3 times over each year. How it works:  sumped fuel is poured into the 20 gallon tank and left to settle. Fuel Tech, Inc. recommends that you allow the sumps poured into the sump recovery unit to settle overnight, then check for any water or particulate. Water is drawn off from the bottom valve and the remaining fuel is suctioned directly back into the system using the tank or cabinet pump. Handling is minimized and there are no waste barrels to deal with.

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